Saturday, 5 January 2008

Happy New Year !!!

Wow ! I am relatively new to this blog thing and I don't commit to it much but I was really chuffed to bits to find that my latest blog readers left me 9 comments ! Thank you all. I feel a little better knowing I have such support out there. Maybe one day I shall put a picture of myself on this blog and make more of an effort - I am no troll just a little reserved. I guess thats my negative pointer. I can write but have little faith in my abilities. People tell me I am gorgeous but I shy away from the crowd. So when I was accepted and then dropped by the agent I really was crushed and my confidence trampled on like a welcome mat.

I have almost finished novel 1 and have even started number 2. Ideas flowing through my head.
I have also entered the Wanna be a writer competition, Harry Bowling Prize and many others.
This is all I want to do. I have no plan B. I wish I did but quite honestly every other profession in the world bores me to death and does not allow me to be free.

I had a wonderful Christmas - just me, the children and lazy stuffing his face as if our living room had turned into a 'all you can eat' restaurant.

New Year Goals :

1. Find and keep the attention of a successful Literary Agent

2. Enter more competitions - those that will give me the opportunity to get recognised

3. Have more faith in my abilities

4. Do more for myself as an individual before it's too late and my daughters have left home and my other half is having an affair with a local Sainsburys cashier and all I have left is some dusty manuscripts in the basement



SallyQ said...

Good luck with the resolutions!

Lucy Diamond said... are the resolutions going?!